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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Digital Marketing Agency?

The important aspects of marketing agency are:

  • Social media
  • Branding
  • Public Relation 
  • Media 
  • Interactive (website, mobile app etc)
Which payment methods are accepted for Online?

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How can we trust you to represent our brand correctly?

Great question! As efficient digital marketing professionals, it’s necessary to become knowledgable in any industry we represent, so that content creation comes from a natural place.

There is an intensive learning process coupled with questionnaires and meetings for new clients to explain the industry and ensure we get an accurate feel for your brand.

“Putting on the brand” is generally complete within the first two months of service. This is a normal transitional part of hiring a social media agency or professional.

Why do we need social media marketing?

Every business can greatly benefit from social media marketing. There is NO exception.

The benefits of social media marketing vary depending on your business industry, but if you want to meet your target audience or bring in new clientele, they’re online. Period.

Social media marketing is meeting them where they are, developing relationships, building trust and sharing valuable content. And then promoting your product or service.

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