How Social Media Can Grow Your Business

How Social Media Can Grow Your Business

Many people think social media is a thing only for celebrities or showbiz personalities, but this is not the case. We know that we are in a digital era where every other person relies on digital media to stay in touch with the happenings around; that is why the term “Social media marketing” is actually an essential tool for most of the businesses across the globe. The question here is why social media? Because:
-According to the study of Statista, there is almost 45% of the world’s population on social media.
-As per Statista statistics from the year 2013 to 2019, there are close to 91% of the US businesses on social media.
-According to globalwebindex, 54% of social browsers use social media for product research.
Why we highlighted these facts? Because this indicates that the world of social media is in a constant change and who knows another minute might bring a new social media user? The only reason to let you know is that social media marketing is a necessary tool for businesses today to survive and take operations to a whole new level. Apart from the above facts, social media is cost-effective, the most convenient and fast way to reach existing and potential customers, and takes into loop not only local but also international boundaries.
Following are the ways social media can help you grow your business:

  1. Helps Increase Brand Awareness

Did you see the facts? Did you read that half of the total population is on social media? That is definitely an exceptional opportunity for businesses that they surely can’t even think of missing. If you are still not on social media, you are missing out on the opportunity to reach your potential customers, gain visibility and communicate with your existing, loyal customers.

The strong presence on social media can actually allow a business to create a two-way communication path with its loyal customers, who can further ambassador the brand to their social circle. Furthermore, social media marketing also allows a business to be on the front and increase awareness about products and services. This way, businesses not only gain visibility but also the customer base.

  1. Helps Improve Customer Service

As we all know the phrase, “Customer is the King,” and that is true to the very extent. That means, a customer can make or break a business, and that is the very reason customer service is of paramount importance to every business in this entire world. Social media is a big opportunity for businesses to improve their customer service by creating better communication with customers.
If you have even a little knowledge about social media, you would know that it gives you the unique opportunity to have valuable customer feedback and complaints, so you could entertain them with a response that sounds you actually care about their concerns. American Express Study reveals that 17% of the US consumers are willing to invest in businesses that deliver excellent customer service. This shows the vast potential and that companies having good customer care actually have a competitive advantage than others in the industry.

  1. Helps Meet the Ultimate Goal
    What’s the ultimate goal of a business? Make sales, obviously.
    Social media is the gateway where you can motivate your customers to make an action – visit you online to find out more about your business or make a purchase. The important note to remember here is that presence on social media is not enough – it requires consistency and constant maintenance to shape up the perceptions about your brand. The rule goes this way – higher the consistency, higher the return on engagement.

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